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  • Soft Noble Brushed Cotton (Saxony)



The Soft Noble Carpet range has a softer more luxurious feel than our other Saxony carpets. Firstly delivering exceptional comfort. This heavy domestic carpet is designed to be fitted in busy areas of a home.

Secondly, the incredible Soft Noble carpet collection has a beautiful soft texture. Giving it a feeling that is soft underfoot, adding a touch of luxury to any home. Furthermore, soft Noble is a sturdy two-ply yarn construction. Making it highly durable, with an impressive heavy domestic wear rating.

Additionally, this carpet is stain resistant to general domestic stains. eing easily removed by the usual household cleaners. For those more stubborn stains this carpet is bleach cleanable. [Click here to see how to bleach clean carpet]

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Soft Noble Brushed Cotton (Saxony)

  • £14.99m²

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